Traditional Client Onboarding Can Be Painful

Traditional client onboarding like other manual and paperwork-led processes can often be time-consuming, but are also compounded by the need to be compliant plus be kept up-to-date with the latest Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations too. Such workflows can inevitably lead to delays, in accounts being opened or opportunities to be missed with some clients even switching to a competitor - all leaving with a poor customer experience, and ultimately a poor Net Promoter Score (NPS).


“... with thanks to NorthRow, we’ve found a direct correlation between getting more users and customers, and reducing the complexity of onboarding.”

Matthew Goodes, Operations Account Manager


Accelerate Know Your Customer (KYC) Onboarding

NorthRow’s Know Your Customer (KYC) solution offers clients instant access to a world of international personal data via a single-API solution to help facilitate more efficient client onboarding.

NorthRow offers real-time identity, age and address verification on individuals, as well as global PEPs and sanctions checks and monitoring to leverage our access to over 200 global data sources from more than 100 countries. If you would like to onboard both individuals and corporate entities, learn more about NorthRow’s Know Your Business solution.

NorthRow' Simplifies & Automates Know Your Customer Onboarding

NorthRow’s single-point solution simplifies and automates KYC onboarding checks on Individuals, Companies and Identity documents in real-time giving you actionable data, helping you to:


Accelerate Onboarding

Accelerate the capabilities of regulated organisations with real-time AML, KYC and IDV checks on clients.


Improve Client User-Experience

Digitally transformed workflows resulting in an friction-free client onboarding experience.


Reduce Compliance Risk & Costs

Reduce compliance costs whilst maintaining the highest levels of compliance.


Instant Identity & Document Verification

NorthRow offers real-time identity, age and address verification on individuals, as well as global PEPs and sanctions checks to leveraging over 200 global data sources from more than 100 countries. Types of international ID documents verified include:

  • Passports

  • Driving Licences

  • National ID cards

  • Biometric Residence Permits

  • Government Visas


Extensive Data Coverage

Thanks to NorthRow’s trusted commercial partners and intelligence-sharing agreement with law enforcement agencies, is able to offer unrivalled data coverage:

- International Address Verification - 65+ Billion Records

- Global PEP & Sanction Registers - All Sanctions Lists, Including OFAC & EU

- Social Media Profile Data - 100 Social Media Platforms

- Identity Document Verification 200+ Countries

NorthRow’s Solutions

NorthRow offers a range of flexible options including a SaaS application and a Single API. In either solution, NorthRow receives the data submitted by the end user in real-time and performs comprehensive multi-source checks to verify the applicant’s details and their identity.

Within seconds NorthRow completes the KYC checks and delivers a pass/fail result, or refers the result with a detailed report to the management console for review. This capability allows your team to monitor the results in real-time while also enabling enhanced due diligence capability on a prospective client if required.

Single API
NorthRow’s Single API embeds real-time data lookups and searches on companies, directors, beneficial owners, ID documents, and more, into your existing system.

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