“We have chosen NorthRow as Modulr Finance’s technology partner because of their combined KYB and KYC capabilities, which is critical to help ensure we fulfil our regulatory obligations and make the customer onboarding process reliable and fast.”

Martin Threakall, Chief Operating Officer Modulr

Accelerate Know Your Business (KYB) Onboarding

NorthRow’s Know Your Business (KYB) solution offers clients instant access to a world of international corporate entity and personal data via a single-API solution to help facilitate more efficient client onboarding.

NorthRow validates businesses in real-time in, over 100 countries. We can access company shareholder information, financial data, and company structure information whilst also performing in-depth AML checks & electronic identity verification checks on company directors and ultimate beneficial owners.

If you would like to only onboard individuals, learn more about NorthRow’s Know Your Customer solution now.


International Company Coverage

NorthRow has access to data covering territories in Asia-Pacific, Africa, Europe, Latin America, North America and the United Arab Emirates.

  • We can validate the details of over 250 million companies in real-time, from over 100 countries, along with LEI company code

  • We can validate Identity Documents from over 200 Countries

  • We can access 180+ government registers and public records

  • Global PEP & Sanction Registers with over 65 Billion data records

  • International Address Verification over 100 Countries

  • Intelligence agreement with Law Enforcement partners to reduce business risk and identify forged documents

  • Single API or web portal ensures seamless integration into your existing systems.


Ongoing Company Monitoring

NorthRow can continually monitor your clients and notify you of any changes in company structure, beneficial ownership or directorships, so you can make instant data-driven decisions regarding who you can do business with.

Our international risk monitoring capabilities ensure that you are informed of any activities which could cause a breach to your supply chain (or non-compliance), enabling you to react quickly to problems before it’s too late, whilst helping to ensure your business is continually compliant with it’s AML regulatory obligations.

NorthRow’s Solutions

NorthRow offers a range of flexible options including a SaaS application and a Single API. In either solution, NorthRow receives the data submitted by the end user in real-time and performs comprehensive multi-source checks to verify the applicant’s details and their identity.

Within seconds NorthRow completes the KYC checks and delivers a pass/fail result, or refers the result with a detailed report to the management console for review. This capability allows your team to monitor the results in real-time while also enabling enhanced due diligence capability on a prospective client if required.

Single API
NorthRow’s Single API embeds real-time data lookups and searches on companies, directors, beneficial owners, ID documents, and more, into your existing system.

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