Accelerate Customer Onboarding with Instant Identity Verification

Identity Verification is critical when onboarding your clients to assess and monitor the business risk they pose. You need to ensure the person on the other end of the transaction is legitimate—without sacrificing the overall customer experience.

In an increasingly global economy, client identity verification is more complex than ever, and you now need to access an ever-increasing range of data from multiple suppliers to ensure you can validate identities of clients from different jurisdictions.

What NorthRow Can Check?


NorthRow’s Person Verification Includes:


NorthRow’s Company Verification

When it comes to companies and entities, the burden of proof is much higher, and the type of checks that need to be undertaken are more complicated.


NorthRow validates companies in real-time in over 100 countries. We can access company shareholder information, financials, and company structure information whilst also performing in-depth AML & electronic identity verification checks on company directors and ultimate beneficial owners.

To ensure you remain compliant with AML regulations, NorthRow continually monitor our clients of any changes in company structure, beneficial ownership or directorships, and alert you in real-time.

ID Document Verification

We can validate identity documents from over 200 Countries. Types of Identity documents that can be automatically validated include, National ID cards, Passport, British Residence Permit, UK Driver License.

What Document We Can Check?

How Does NorthRow’s Document Verification Work?

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Enhanced Document Verification

If a document is suspicious, the document can be referred for expert review by a document expert who will do a comprehensive and robust check for signs of forgery - results are obtained within minutes in most cases.

We have an intelligence-sharing agreement with Law Enforcement partners to reduce your business risk and to reduce your risk from forged documents

NorthRow’s Document Workflow service harnesses the very latest in Machine Learning and Amazon Web Services (AWS), ensuring we can classify the widest range of documents for our clients.


Quality of Data Sources

Data quality is the most important component of the identity verification process. High-quality data will help you meet regulatory compliance whilst improving risk mitigation. 

NorthRow only uses the highest quality data sources from trusted commercial suppliers. Unlike any other identity verification platform, we also have intelligence-sharing agreements with law enforcement agencies, to help reduce your business risk.

Watch Rebecca Angus, NorthRow Marketing Manager explain why data quality is so important when verifying identities.


Download the latest case study to learn more on how NorthRow are exclusively handling Open Banking's identity proofing and verification processes, to ensure security and customer needs sit at its very core.



Key Clients Include

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"After looking into various identity verification providers we have chosen NorthRow because it has the combined KYB and KYC capability we are looking for, whilst also being the best fit commercially and culturally. With NorthRow we are able to automate our checking processes and we are alerted to any changes in our customers’ status, which is critical to ensuring we fulfil our regulatory obligations and make the customer onboarding process reliable and faster."

Martin Threakall, CTO - Modulr