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The following answers cover our most frequently asked questions. If your question is not answered below please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

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What is NorthRow’s Internationally Coverage Capabilities?

Yes, NorthRow’s single API gives clients instant access global coverage of corporate, entity and ID documents data to help facilitate more efficient client onboarding. The continents we cover include: Asia-Pacific, Africa, Europe, Latin America, North America and United Arab Emirates.

  • We can validate the details of over 250 million companies in real-time, from over 100 countries, along with LEI company code.

  • We can validate Identity Documents from over 200 Countries

  • We can access 180+ government registers and public records

  • Global PEP & Sanction Registers with over 65 Billion data records

  • International Address Verification over 100 Countries

  • Intelligence agreement with Law Enforcement partners to reduce business risk and identify forged documents

You can download our data coverage map below to learn more.


Will My Client’s Credit Score Be Affected By a NorthRow Check?

No, your client’s credit score will not be affected by any of the NorthRow checks. We do not share your credit or any other information but only use it for NorthRow checks.


Can NorthRow Perform a Credit Check?

NorthRow only preforms Credit Checks on companies, not on individuals. The reason why we do not preform a Credit Check on individuals is we do not want to leave a footprint on their credit record.

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How Do I Access the Westfield ID Verification Service?

NorthRow is a supplier of Westfield for Employee and Contractor Verification solutions. Any enquiries regarding issues with Westfield security badges, please contact Westfield directly. For other matters regarding Westfields’ ID verification or any other NorthRow’s client checks or services do not hesitate to contact our support.

How Do I Access My Right-to-Work App?

NorthRow’s mobile Right-to-Work mobile App helps you keep pace with both the on-demand workforce environment and home office legislation for Right to Work compliance

The app allows clients to check and to securely retain an employee’s documentation, whilst confirming that an individual is eligible to work in the UK via a real-time ‘Right to Work’ checks. Please use the buttons below to download the NorthRow Right to Work app for your mobile device’s operating system.

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What Data Do I Need on an Individual to Perform a Check?

It completely depends on what type of check you are looking to perform, from AML, IDV or KYC.

Normally: Name, Gender, Date Of Birth, House No, Postcode is a good starting place. If you want to check a person’s Identity documents, you can upload, Passports, Biometric Residence Permits, Driving Licences and International ID Cards.


What Types of Data Sources Are Used By NorthRow?

NorthRow only uses the highest quality data sources from trusted commercial suppliers, open sources, government bureaus and Law Enforcement


Do You Have an SDK App?

No. We do not have a mobile SDK, instead NorthRow uses Progressive Web App.

We believe that Progressive Web Apps are the future as they are more responsive, connectivity-independent, app-like, fresh, safe, reliable, fast and offers a far superior client experience over an SDK App.


Can NorthRow Integrate with Our CRM System?

Yes, our rest API can link to client’s CRM systems e.g SalesForce. All end-user status updates, adverse media, AML checks, known, social media profiles, PEPs and Sanctions information can be viewed within your CRM system, this may take some preliminary development work, but we can work with clients to ensure a smooth integration process.


About NorthRow’s API?

NorthRow uses a REST API.

The NorthRow API is designed to simplify integration, allowing clients to focus on implementing their own solutions. We remove the heavy lifting of integrating multiple data sources into one API, reducing the effort for development teams while ensuring security, scalability and availability.


How Long Does API integration Take?

Typical integrations can be completed within 2 weeks, however for some low-touch clients we have completed it within a few days.

If you have a particularly complicated compliance requirements which are completely bespoke development may take slightly longer, however our highly professional team will listen carefully to your needs and work with you to deliver your project on time.


Can We Test NorthRow’s API?

Yes. NorthRow’s has an API sandbox, which a testing environment that testers can use to mimic the characteristics of the production environment and create simulated responses from all APIs the application relies on.

The API sandbox makes it possible to, reduce the cost and risk associated with calling 3rd party APIs during testing. It will also allow for robust testing and development to fast-track your product time-to-market. We provide a comprehensive sandbox service, which you can get access to by contacting our sales team.

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Do You Do Source of Wealth Checks?

Yes. We can provide source of wealth checks as part of our AML/ KYC Managed Service offering.

Please talk to our sales team to find out more.

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Do You Do Transaction Monitoring?

We currently do not provide transaction monitoring via our single API. However we are always innovating and investing in our solutions to meet clients’ compliance challenges.

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How Much Does it Costs?

The cost depends on the services & types of check you'd like to carry out.

NorthRow has multiple services including; SaaS Web platform, API Integration, Managed Service, Enhanced Due Diligence and Remote Onoarding.

For more info please get in touch.